2020 Shortlist: 10 Countries for Teachers Abroad

Add these 10 countries to your shortlist for teaching abroad in 2020.

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Teaching abroad is a wonderful way to travel and gain experience as a teacher. Our shortlist is rated for teaching opportunities, quality of life, travel, and culture. You can register at Teach All Over the World to access teaching jobs all over the world.

10. Vietnam

Excellent eats, low cost of living, paired with superb travel within Vietnam and access to South East Asia. What’s not to love? Vietnam has both International Schools and ESL opportunities.

Getting around Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

9. Ethiopia

Culture, unmatched wildlife, coffee and access to travel within Africa. Yes, please. You can find International School positions teaching American and European curriculum.

Percussionists in the square, Ethiopia

8. South Korea

Tradition, tech, fashion, nightlife, scenic hikes, excellent food, and friendly people. You can find a rich culture with a mix of modern life and ancient history in South Korea. Did I mention the heated floors? South Korea has Public School, ESL and International Schools teaching opportunities in all subjects.

A historic street in South Korea

7. Mexico

DF is rated as one of the most cosmopolitan cities in Central America. You can have it all, colonial architecture, art, nightlife, and excellent food. How about unforgettable weekend getaways with cheap flights within Mexico through its national airlines? Mexico has International schools teaching American Curriculum, teaching positions in all subjects.

Angel of Independence in Mexico City, Mexico

6. Taiwan

Boba, karaoke, shopping, temples, tea houses, delicious food, modern living, mountains and sea that are well connected by train and high-speed rail. Taiwan has a mix of new and old, discover something new every day. All this with access to South East and Pacific Asia. Sign me up! Taiwan has ESL and International Schools.

A temple in Kaohsiung, Taiwan

5. Turkey

Beautiful in itself and nestled in a prime traveling location within reach of Europe, Asia, and Africa. Turkey has a low cost of living and much to see. Fancy a trip to the Greek Isle’s this weekend? Sure, why not. It’s exploding with culture and tasty eats, it’s no secret why Turkey is on the hotlist. International schools positions teaching American and European curriculum available throughout the year.

A different perspective in Istanbul

4. Brazil

Vibrant culture, festivals, food, friendly people, and welcome wildlife may reside your campus…i.e. sloths. Unparalleled nature, vistas, and beaches. Thinking of going to Patagonia for spring break…why not? International school teaching American curriculum with positions available throughout the year.

View of the Bay in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

3. United Arab Emirates

Living in the future or as close as you can get to is, this is life in the UAE. Picture the iconic city skyline with beaches, nightlife, and shopping. In the UAE you can find other worldly desert views and sunset adventures. High-quality international schools with tax-free salaries. Access to Europe, the Middle East and Africa for your travel whims.

A camel outside of Abu Dhabi

2. Japan

With a one of a kind culture and cuisine, teaching in Japan offers a lifestyle like no other. Japan boasts a high-speed rail system and great public transportation. You can find yourself sunbathing and skiing all in the same country. ESL and International School positions available throughout the year.

Night Market in Japan in the Springtime

1. Guatemala

Known as the land of eternal spring, Guatemala is a sweet spot in Central America for teaching, it has a low cost of living with year-round perfect springtime weather. Guatemala City has unique zones ranging from hip startups to a European like village tucked into the hills. On your weekend getaways, you can climb volcanoes, take in ruins, visit sandy beaches, or bask in Spanish colonial beauty. International schools teaching American curriculum positions in all subjects.

Cobblestone streets in Antigua, Guatemala
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By Contributing Writer: S. Peiffer