How to “Woo” Recruiters and Land your Dream Job Abroad

Follow these guidelines to make your self stand out and snag a video interview with an international school.

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Are you ready to start applying to international schools? Recruiters are looking not only for someone with the right qualifications, but someone their organization is going to feel is a good match for their culture as well. Reflect on your own educational philosophy before you start applying and make sure your views align with the mission of the school. Authenticity goes a long way.

Follow these guidelines to make your application stand out and snag a video interview.

1.) Re-check your resume and cover letter.

Although most educators are experts in revising and editing, it doesn’t hurt to have a second set of eyes. Recruiters are looking for someone with an eye for detail, one mistake might land you on the bottom of the pile.

2.) Always do a test video to check the light, sound, and background of your interview space.

Video interviews are the most common ways for international schools to interview and screen candidates. Make sure your space is sending the message that you want it to send.

3.) Link an introduction video to your application.

Make yourself stand out and take some pressure off of your video interview. You can let your personality shine more when you are in control of the script. Include information like your work history and your educational philosophy.

4.) Record a Teaching Sample.

It may seem awkward, but you can show off your teaching style and give prospective schools more insight into your teaching style and personality when working with students.

5.) Have letters of reference on hand.

Good schools check references. Many schools require three solid references. Sending copies of your reference letters upfront will make the hiring process easier for both you and them. It is best practice to have references from supervisors or professors from the education field.

6.) Get a headstart on your visa documents.

Sometimes it can take months to get all the documents you need to move abroad. These may include your FBI background check (apply online), your state criminal records check, birth certificate and ensuring your passport has enough time remaining on it to house your visa. Note that for criminal checks they are only valid for a certain period of time 3-6 months depending on the country for visa purposes.

7.) Research the Culture’s Professional Norms.

Although norms like courtesy and respect are universal, many culture’s have their own interpretations of those values in the workplace. Some cultures find open-toed shoes in the workplace to be a disrespectful no-no. You want to make sure these details aren’t distracting to your recruiter.

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Contributing Writer: S. Peiffer