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About Teach All Over the World

 Teach All Over the World provides access to real teaching jobs in your subject area,  all over the world. You can find information about our privacy policy here and online terms and conditions here.

You shouldn’t have to be a rocket scientist to find a good teaching job abroad, unless you’re a physics teacher. 


We only post the best international jobs vetted by nan “ed-xpert”.


Job postings are evaluated based on an organization’s teacher reviews, community reviews, accreditations, accolades, and ratings. 

Q:  Why is Teach All Over the World a membership website?



A: Teach All Over the World provides a service to educators seeking to work internationally. All jobs posted on our site are vetted, eliminating decision fatigue and the risk of applying to a fraudulent job posting.


A membership includes consulting services such as resume and cover letter review, interview coaching, transition planning, contract review, and professional development. 


We provide these services at the lowest cost on the market simply to sustain our website and mission, a portion our of profits are donated to a designated educational nonprofit organization each year.  The 2020 initiative is Nuday Syria, an educational nonprofit organization providing empowering and sustainable aid with dignity for women and children.


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Samantha Peiffer - Founder

Samantha Peiffer

Samantha has over 10 years of experience in a variety of educational positions all over the world in countries such as Taiwan, Japan, Nicaragua, Guatemala, Spain, and The United States. She founded Teach All Over the World while working as an educational specialist in the San Francisco Bay Area in 2019.

     “My mission is to help connect curious talented teachers to quality international teaching jobs all over the world. I’m so grateful and excited to have partnered with many experienced educators.”



-Samantha Peiffer, Founder at Teach All Over the World

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